If your executives are not active in their newsfeed then they are invisible to their network.

As in real-life, on social media people pay more attention to the personable content of other people than they do to the company content published by brands. 

Yet a huge percentage of B2B communications via social media relies solely on the company page.‍

The solution? People-shaped communications: Your people should be your largest organic communications channel. To maximise the attention, awareness, familiarity, trust, and interest in your company, and its products and services, training and enabling your client-facing, senior executives to be effective communicators on social media is a game changer.However, most senior executives lack the time to be consistent with their content on social channels, which renders them invisible.

More engagement and more revenue:

‣ A senior advertising exec we work with regularly gets over 1,000% more engagement than the content from his company page.

‣ Several clients have received inbound messages as a result of our writing, which led to six-figure deals from clients they wouldn't have otherwise thought to connect with.

‣ One client reported hearing key communications messages from his LinkedIn content being repeated back to him in face-to-face meetings.

Service overview:

How we help

First we establish your audiences, your communications topics for each audience, and who within your organisation is best placed to lead those social conversations.

We then work one-to-one with your senior executives to write the ideas out of their heads, and into the newsfeeds of your ideal buyers.

Each week the executive we are supporting sends us a short voicenote, in conversational style, or holds a 5-minute voice call with our team.

We use that voice note to shape the tone, ideas, stories, and thoughts of your executives, but with all of the planning, research and writing done by our team.

This process requires just 5-minutes of your execs time a week, and will significantly increase attention, awareness, familiarity, trust and interest in your company.

A word from our clients

“Since working with Six Sells I have seen a 1,045% increase in comments, a 534% increase in views, and a 633% increase in likes on my LinkedIn posts … brilliant!”
”Mike is a very knowledgable professional and produces transformational work. His style to training and the way he creates bespoke content is astounding. I would highly recommend him.”
"I would highly recommend that anybody in a client-facing role takes the LinkedIn networking training that Mike and the team at Six Sells offer - it has revolutionised the way I use the platform. As one example, I managed to win a six-figure client deal, with a large technology company, by following the Six Sells identify, connect and engage model. What's even better is there is no connect-and-cold-pitch nonsense!"
“Put simply, Mike and Six Sells is the reason I’m hooked on people marketing and LinkedIn. He’s revolutionised my thinking of this platform and also helped to refine how I approach new business opportunities. Not only that but I’ve seen tangible results within weeks of following his guidance. I couldn’t recommend his training methods enough.”
“Mike worked closely with each member of the team to personalise their approach and help them develop their client communication strategy generating almost instant results. By using the tools and tactics Mike introduced us to, we quickly opened up new customers who hadn’t worked with us before. Even in the short time we’ve been working with Mike the results from one client alone has generated revenue several times higher than the initial investment, representing an ROI that every marketeer would be delighted with.”
“We all loved working with Six Sells, valued their deep industry insights and clever below the line initiatives. Mike and team created a bespoke "communications in a box" solution for us that we rolled out across all our markets and external facing teams. While we could not directly measure ROI, we believe the impact of Six Sell's work has been huge and invaluable taking our solution, team and company to front of mind of many media execs.”

Are you ready?

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