A sales team is for life, not just for Q4.

Mike Nicholson

If you could add thousands of meaningful interactions between your sales team and your buyers pretty quickly, what could that mean for your Q4 numbers?

If those touchpoints continued into Q1 and beyond, what could that mean for your 2024 revenue?

According to many of our clients, when their salespeople learned how to use LinkedIn optimally it was a "game changer."

At Six Sells, we have taught hundreds of salespeople, from the CEO down, to adopt a three-stage strategy that gets results.

The process can be summarised as:

✓ Optimise your profile
✓ Identify and connect with your buyers
✓ Engage with your buyers

Once trained, your salespeople will be able to significantly increase the quality and quantity of touchpoints between them and their buyers.

These increases lead to growth for your company and its services, delivering more:

✓ Attention
✓ Awareness
✓ Familiarity
✓ Trust
✓ Interest
✓ Leads

For Q4 2023 only, we are offering a 50% reduction in our training rates.

For just £399 per person (minimum team of 4), we'll deliver our "game-changing" training that will put you and your team in the top few percent of LinkedIn members in our industry.

Give your sales team the gift that keeps on giving this Q4, and please feel free to ask me anything at mike@sixsells.co.uk.