Increase the quality and quantity of your sales and marketing touchpoints

Mike Nicholson

B2B sales is struggling with an attention problem.

There are multiple ways to communicate with your ideal clients including emails, connection requests, direct messages (DMs), phone calls, carrier pigeons ... the list goes on.

However your buyers email inboxes are heaving under the weight of messages, and all but the familiar mostly get ignored.

However, there is a powerful channel that has the potential to reach prospects at a considerable scale, and at a time when they are relaxed, yet alert, and receptive to new messages and it’s often overlooked.

This opportunity is the LinkedIn newsfeed.

So many salespeople spend hours on 'the backend' of LinkedIn - in LinkedIn Sales Navigator looking for leads, or agonising over connection request messaging, but the majority of the attention on LinkedIn is on the front end, aka, the LinkedIn newsfeed.

The LinkedIn newsfeed is an effective tool for social selling because it allows sellers to share valuable content that increases their visibility while increasing awareness an interest in your products and services.

Users visit LinkedIn to catch up on industry news, view updates from their network, and engage in professional discourse - making them typically more receptive to insightful, relevant content that appears in their newsfeed.

Millions of people visit the LinkedIn newsfeed multiple times every day, in a work frame of mind, to read something new, entertaining, interesting, or hopefully all of the above.

When your ideal client has a spare couple of minutes, they don't rush to check their email for cold emails from unknown senders.  They do however open the LinkedIn app and browse through their newsfeed, which offers a mix of updates, insights, and content relevant to their professional interests.

If you are not a part of that content, you are invisible.

Regularly posting valuable, engaging content in the LinkedIn news feed can help sellers establish their thought leadership and brand presence. This consistent sharing of messages, combined with a solid strategy to identify, connect, and engage with the right people on LinkedIn, can be a potent combination.

If you would like to see more of your employees posting on LinkedIn, you can use this chart as a place to start.

‣ Which audiences do you want to reach?

‣ What topics do you want to communicate to those audiences?

‣ Who in your organisation is best placed to talk to those audiences about each topic?

‣ Which social channels are best used to achieve that?


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