Optimising your LinkedIn profile for business networking use

Mike Nicholson

LinkedIn is close to one billion members worldwide, and is still growing really quickly.

While LinkedIn used to be a place to place your online CV, it is now a thriving business networking platform, so showing up in a professional manner is a must!

Think of LinkedIn as your link between the physical world and the digital; your personal, professional landing page online.

In this video I will show you the most important parts of your profile to optimise, and what to think about while optimising your profile.

Here's a checklist from the video.

Your profile photograph:

✓ Up to date
✓ Professionally shot
✓ Head and shoulders
✓ Plain(ish) background

Background image:

✓ Use a company branded image

Your headline:

✓ First 46 characters key
✓ Use title or value statement

Your About section:

✓ Write how you talk.
✓ Keep it short
✓ Use simple, concrete language

Creator mode:

✓ Only if you're posting at least twice a week
✓ Turns default button from connect to follow
✓ Chose 5 hashtags that best describe your content

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mike@sixsells.co.uk (no cold sales messages please)


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We help your client-facing people to speak to more of your ideal clients, more often, via social media and personable content.

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